Where does our deep-rooted inspiration come from?

It’s a natural derivative of the rich and enduring history of watches. The very concept of a wristwatch is something that we find truly fascinating, as fascinating as the actual journey behind it.

From a fashion statement for women in the early 16th century, to its evolution as a vital tool in a time of war during the 18 and 1900’s, the odyssey of a wristwatch is one that’s nothing short of remarkable. Even though a timepiece is no longer a necessity in a digitally superfluous era like our own, we believe that it is still a bold statement of a person’s style, an extension of your inner self!

The Nobel Royal


This is why our first collection, the Nobel Royal, has been created using a classic design to pay homage to the long history of the wristwatch. First introduced through a successful Kickstarter campaign on September 2017, the Nobel Royal is a luxury watch that is also inspired by the rich heritage of our hometown Stockholm, Sweden. You will see this for yourself when you inspect the case back, which is beautifully engraved with the artistic silhuette of Stockholm’s historical monuments.

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Classic and Elegant Wristwatches for you

Rumoe stands for affordability, class and style. We strictly create timepieces that we, ourselves would proudly wear. For that reason, our main focus has been on sourcing the best quality materials and using superior manufacturing techniques; in other words, doing what is required to create a superior luxury watch. An ambitious commitment to perfection also led to the use of an acutely reliable Automatic movement in the first Rumoe collection. Our goal was to achieve a harmonious design with no detail left to chance. We believe that we have succeeded, as our luxury Swedish timepieces have been sold to over 100 countries around the world!

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