About Rumoe


The inspiration for Rumoe originates from the luxury watch industry.
Rumoe started as an online store with a creative touch in Stockholm.
Genuine artisan skills, a touch of creativity and a commitment to excellence form the foundation of everything we do.
Our exclusivity and authenticity give everything around Rumoe its unique identity.

“I explore my creativity while enjoying each step of the journey.
– It should be fun creating great products.” 


Our Founder


Nicholas Kurkson, a native Swede, grew up in Stockholm where he graduated from high school in 2009. After graduation he moved to Malta for his first sales job. He returned after a year to study business economics but put his course on hold to venture into designing his own brand of men’s shirts. He flew to New Delhi and spent a winter travelling in India searching for manufacturers to partner up with. Not long after his return to Sweden the company he had partnered up with was forced into bankruptcy. This made him rethink the idea and pause his work.

Determined to express his creativity through fashion Nicholas bought a one-way ticket and set off to visit various Asian countries with the hope of gaining inspiration, new knowledge and perspectives through cultural meetings.

When he came back home, he targeted his goal from another angle. At 25 years-old he started a watch blog that grew to over 2,000,000 weekly expressions and through the blog worked with several watch companies in the luxury industry. With a better understanding for the watch industry and a strong interest for the wristwatch’s history, as a fashion statement, he understood that he could not only create a timepiece that could be used as a tool to express his own creativity and style but – also a tool to help others express their own personality.

This was the birth of Rumoe.

The Nobel Royal Collection


The creation of the Nobel Royal collection was under big influence of our Swedish history. Which can be seen on its beautifully engraved case-back with an artistic silhouette of Stockholm’s historical monuments.

Living in Sweden makes you accustomed to a high standard, which is why you always expect everything in society to spin like a wheel. Excellence, quality and beauty are common words among us Swedes and were obvious ingredients when building the Nobel Royal.
With a long history of peace, our curiosity of the world around us and our sense of inventions, this heritage lives on among us and is celebrated every year with the Nobel Prize. The name Nobel Royal is not just a tribute to the Swedish kings but also an honor to one of the greatest engineers of all time, Alfred Nobel. He was, and still is, without any doubt one of our biggest prides today and a great ambassador for innovation and Swedish excellence.

We want you to feel fabulous with Rumoe on your new adventures.

Our Watches


Where does our deep-rooted inspiration come from? It’s a natural derivative of the rich and enduring history of watches. The very concept of a wristwatch is something that we find truly fascinating, as fascinating as the actual journey behind it. From a fashion statement for women in the early 16th century, to its evolution as a vital tool in a time of war during the 18 and 1900’s, the odyssey of a wristwatch is one that’s nothing short of remarkable. Even though a timepiece is no longer a necessity in a digitally superfluous era like our own, we believe that it is still a bold statement of a person’s style, an extension of your inner self.

We strictly create watches that we, ourselves would proudly wear. For that reason, our focus has been on sourcing the best quality materials and using superior manufacturing techniques; in other words, doing what is required to create a superior watch. An ambitious commitment to perfection led us to the use of an acutely reliable automatic movement in the first Rumoe collection. Our goal was to achieve a harmonious design with no detail left to chance. We believe that we have succeeded, as our timepieces have been sold to over 40 countries around the world.



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